Six Word Saturday

Flutes.  Drums.  Cherry Garcia.  Long Weekend.

What could be sweeter? Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE



27 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

    • Nope; not me, in either case, though I do own one of those drums. It’s and Udu drum; that style is called an Utar. One of my favorites.

  1. beautiful stuff, your link led me to hang drums and flutes, and on to hang drums and pot in the woods, and then back to the lakota flutes. What a lovely way to start a weekend, with this vibrating in my head and rain coming down all around. And good morning.

    • Rain, eh? Ours’ll be later, I think, but clearing later, they say.
      The Udu is a tough one to master (for me, anyway). They come in all shapes & sizes; mine’s just like this one.
      I was fluting it up on the deck at sunrise, despite the dew on the deckchair wetting my ass.

    • Yeah, that’s like my 2nd favorite. Here in VT (Home of Ben & Jerry) we pretty much have access to ALL their flavors. I’m about 1/2 hr from the factory (tours=free samples!)

      • A southern/Texas ice cream favorite is Blue Bell. I toured their factory on Wednesday and enjoyed a free sample myself! 🙂 And yes – I knew you must be close to B&J. A colleague attended a conference out there a couple years back and I toured vicariously through him.

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