Eurydice Stumbles Again

I just received an email from Pattie Flint at Bitterzoet Magazine, rejecting all three of the three poems I sent for consideration.  Rejection’s never easy, but Ms Flint certainly took much of the sting out of it by not only personalizing the rejection, but by saying something downright nice about one of the poems, Eurydice.

 I’m particularly fond of Eurydice, though it has a long history of rejection. Perhaps that’s because I have such a close personal connection to the subject matter (I won’t go into that here & now).  At any rate, I’ve revised it some over the years and decided it was “done” quite a while back.  Still, though, no takers. 

So far.  It’ll go out again soon. 

I would have been happy to have any of the three pieces I sent appear in Bitterzoet Magazine.  I decided to send them stuff when I saw that they picked up some work by my writer friend Sarah J. Sloat, who I consider to be a poetry goddess. 

You might consider checking them out: BITTERZOET MAGAZINE.

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