Six Word Saturday

Please Don’t Love Me To Death


 I hear people say it all the time: “I love him to death,” or “I love her to death.”  Sometimes it’s followed with a “but…” like “I love my grandson to death, but….” and then they go on to specify or (worse) list all those things they don’t really like so much.

I’m not sure I ever heard the expression until I moved to Vermont. At least it didn’t register with me.  Here in Vermont, they often add a “right“, as in: “I love that woman right to death, but sometimes she drives me crazy.”

I think it’s an icky expression.  I cringe when I hear it. I’m opposed to killing anything, especially that which you espouse to love.  And using love as the weapon makes it even worse.

Please, please, please don’t love me to death.  Or shoot me. Or stab, strangle, or beat me to death.

I promise to return the favor.




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15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. …or “to pieces” which implies things I do NOT want to think about. I understand the underlying theme, which is probably ‘until death separates us” but it still is a bit bizarre all the same.

  2. How about I just like you?! My mother always made a very big deal any time I said I love something. If the something wasn’t a person or animal. She would always say, well then would you marry it?

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