Six Word Saturday Evasion

Desperate to meet my Poem-A-Day / Six Word Saturday commitments, I offer this:

Piku: a cross between a haiku and the first three numbers of pi (3.14….)

my piku
like a cop-out


Other cool Sixers hanging with Call Me Cate at: SHOW MY FACE


18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday Evasion

  1. lets just sat im very very glad you explained what a piku was, first. other than that, you may have just invented a new verse form. Way to go, Mr. Lavalette

    • No me, Romi. Gimmicky as it is, Piku’s been round a while now. (If I’d invented it, I’d have found away to stick my name on it).

    • My stage is- Now – My heart happy! This is kind of fun. Maybe I’ll use this idea for this week’s The Mag for Tess Kincaid!

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