Six Word Saturday

You Can’t Prove It By Me


The science guy on NPR this afternoon informed me that the temps on/near the surface of the sun are around 10,000˚F.

Tonight here on Earth in Barton, we’ll have temps hovering just around freezing and a 40% chance of a rain/snow mix; tomorrow it won’t get much above the mid-40s.

I guess 93 million miles makes all the difference.


For a hot time, call on Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE.




12 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. my mother-in-law used to say if she wanted a good tan she would go up on the porch roof, because it was closer to the sun. you might want to consider that.

  2. Considering we have not even been able to get a satellite within 5,000 miles of the sun…I am not sure we can really prove any of those claims. As for your hometown, this is just a sucky weather year.

  3. Exactly! I am so ready for a real, true spring! Winter has just about had it one would think by now. I wish you a happy and festive and loved filled Easter, enjoy!

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