Six Word Saturday




Overnight, Spawn Sac Nets Icy Kegger

I’d never heard of spawn sacs before I moved to Vermont, but then again I hadn’t been fishing since I was a kid, either. Last night my (now deceased) best friend Cyrt (who also was not a fisherman, and would have celebrated a birthday next Friday) and I hooked on a couple salmon sacs, tossed them over the edge of the ice shelf still hanging halfway out into the Barton River, and hauled in a bright, shiny, untapped keg of Heineken! Score!


Lots more dreamy stuff from Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE


13 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. I have never heard of spawn sacs, and I am wondering if the picture on the left shows what it is like… And I am sorry to hear about your best friend.
    Also, I am wondering where the beer came from.

    • Yep, that’s a spawn sac. Salmon eggs in a mesh sac, about the size of two peas in a pod. Cyrt’s been dead a couple years now, but it was still nice fishing & drinking our favorite Dutch beer with him in my dreams. Thanks for asking.

  2. Wow, I have not seen that before. I remember my excitement the first time I saw my brother-in-law take my son fishing in Florida. They used whole jumbo shrimp, with their heads attached yet. I’d never seen that before either, and can still see it now! I am sorry about your loss, but the next best thing when we lose loved ones is to keep their memory alive. I think he’s joining you today as well! Happy fishing or whatever you do today!

  3. Way to go, Ron. I assume the Heineken was still okay to drink. I know it was cold. Sorry about your friend, we lose the along our way until it is our turn. I had a friend who was late for his own funeral. We all waited in his favorite tavern for his body to get there from Wisconsin later that afternoon.

    I drink my coffee black, I like to be able to enjoy its taste.

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