We’ll See How It Works Out…

I’m going to work today and making it “Talk-To-Things Friday.”  I plan to ride up in the elevator (bad knees) and all the way up I’ll provide it with lots of verbal encouragement, like: “Oh, I know I’ve put on some weight lately, but I believe in you.  You can do it.  You’re really good at this kind of thing.”  And when the door opens to let me out, I’ll turn and address the empty cavern, thanking it profusely for its fine and capable service.

I plan to greet all the objects on my desk–probably with a blanket, “Good morning everyone!” but with special warmth for a few selected items.  Maybe, “Well, Mr. Stapler, we’re going to have busy day, you and I, eh?” or “Ms White-Out, I know you’ve been spread a little thin lately, but I’m counting on you to see me through.  I hope you’re up for it!”

I won’t be talking to any of my office mates, though.  I don’t spend a lot of time chatting them up anyway.

I’m pretty excited about the plan. I can’t wait to get there and smooth-talk my pen holder, give that friggin copier a piece of my mind.



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