Six Word Saturday

It’s Common Knowledge: I’m Victoria’s Secret



Don’t believe me? Go ask Call Me Cate at: SHOW MY FACE.


18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

    • P.S. I think it is safe to say that Bill is not like your Dad, from comments you have made. (Bill was corporate for 35 years until the economy ended that stint,) Your Old Man taught you more than mine did me. Reading maps is a good thing. Mine was never there…ever. I guess perhaps that he taught me to rely on myself.

      • Ron, I am sorry about your dad, but Bill is not your dad. Nor is he like your dad…at all. When I talk well of Bill it has nothing to do with your father. Mine was not good either, but I don’t take it out on others. Bill is a good trucker and a good man. I am sorry about your dad, and mine. Believe me, I had a bad childhood, too. Because my dad wasn’t there, but I had a “step-father” (who wasn’t a trucker).

  1. somethings are sweeter for the not knowing, although speculation can keep you up (or wake you up screaming) all night…


    Does Sandra know about this?

  2. Ron, isn’t that nice. I just put one foot in their door and I’m their best customer (at that time). You t oo, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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