Thursday Thirteen


13 Bad Ideas

1. Flags
2. Uniforms
3. Badges
4. International Borders
5. Political Parties
6. Waiting
7. Not Waiting
8. Eating ‘Iffy’ Leftovers
9. Bombs
10. Automatic Weapons
11. Semi-Automatic Weapons
12. Weapons
13. Disco


One Good Idea: Read more lists at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. this was worth the walk, mr. L; love the way you placed bombs just after leftovers, and yes, definitely disco. My own list would have to include all those wedding pictures (any, actually) with the happy groom in his John Travolta hair phase, and his disco danny wedding suit. yes indeed.

  2. Disco took me by surprise and reminded me of Bob Seeger’s song … Just take those old records off the shelf….I think I once got fired from a job because I took an American flag down at the shop where I worked during the Iraq war/invasion.

  3. flags have been used and abused for decades; no one seems to know how to hang them, or when, and why. During the wars ive seen a pickup painted to resemble a flag, 3X4′ flags flying from antennas, flags draped over wood piles and left out in the rain, stapled to dog houses and nailed to barn roofs. And yet if you dare to suggest that there might be a nicer way to go about it, you get The Look. “Where’s YOUR flag, lady? You got a problem about our boys in Eye Raq?”

    Baby on board, says the bumper sticker, Gun in the gun rack, says the other one.

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