Six Word Saturday

Under The Arches, Every Penny Counts

I was at Ronald’s place yesterday, eavesdropping on the Manager and two other guys, who I took to be maybe Regional Manager or the Franchise Owner and one other guy who seemed like a major bean counter. One of the burger slingers approached them and handed Mr. Manager a slip a paper.

Mr. M said, “Okay. She ran it six times. It was four pumps to the ounce every time.”

The other guys frowned. The Owner Guy said, “No good. That’s like half a buck.”

The Bean Counter said, “Yeah. You gotta get that down to like ten cents a squirt.”

I had no idea what they were talking about, but on my way out I swung by their table to thank them for the phrases ‘four pumps to the ounce’ and ‘ten cents a squirt.’

And now it’s Six Word Saturday.


Lots of food for thought from Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE


16 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Oh yeah. I so do not want to know what that was about, but the mind travels in strange places sometimes.

    What it also sounds like, if it isnt a soap dispenser, is Mickey D’s shortchanging the customer on something, so the next time you go in there and the coffee tastes a tad watery, or the soda a bit thinner, you’ll know why.

  2. Ha! Ha! I enjoyed this. If the squirts were hot fudge on my ice cream, oh I’d say the more the better, but if it’s the number of squirts in my ice tea, I always say half the squirts please!

  3. Our MacDonalds’ have squirt pumps for catsup. Some other places also dispense mustard, BBQ sauce, and mayo that way. I like the ones that use little plastic containers with lids. At our Whataburger places I always order mustard on the side for my chicken sandwiches. Their mustard is out of this world and the side dish has a lid and plenty inside tor taking some home.

  4. Ron – I’m a tad behind on revisits. I was away for a while and am a full time grama. I wanted to say thanks for your visits – to Red Wolf and Coconuts.
    Shocker to have to come home and wear long janes.

    I used to work in as a ‘server’ – portion control counts. Sometimes though it is that never ending refill of the diner coffee cup and friendly smile that brings folks back. Too much bean counting is well, just annoying.

    That ‘squirt’ could be any flavoring. If it is too little or watered down they are going to lose in the end. But I guess that’s the politics of retail. Always have to figure out how to charge for everything so there is profit, profit, profit. Hey you profited with two fun phrases! Cheers -Jules

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