Still Coming Down Heavy

I know, I know; it’s a big boat and there are lots of us in it this morning, but I thought these photos of our porches are worth sharing.  At least two feet, windblown, made the crazy 6 foot drift on the deck. Lovely curves, though, I have to admit.


drift 2

9 thoughts on “Still Coming Down Heavy

  1. white sand dunes, yep. We missed (maybe) most of that, but even in the midst of psychic pain/overload/despair of ever seeing green again, there is that beauty. Positively oriental, in it’s simplicity.

  2. As we slide from summer into autumn here in Adelaide (Aus), hopefully leaving our days of 40 degrees C (104F) behind for another year, the sight of all that snow is amazing. You must get as cold as we do hot.

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