Town Meeting Day a la Mode


Today, as they say, the floor is ours
—whether we bring a pie or not.
My Beloved Sandra tells me we should
bring a pie, eat some pie, and get
friendly with the neighbors; or
maybe she says bring a friend
and eat the neighbors, or
get a friend to eat the neighbor’s pie;
I can’t remember which. There is,
I believe, a fairly large contingent of
registered cannibals in town—more
in one village than the other, I suspect;
and an even larger contingent
of pie-eaters, a contingent into which
I most eagerly place myself, especially
on this day when the floor is ours,
as they say, whether we bring a pie or not.

3 thoughts on “Town Meeting Day a la Mode

  1. what I love about town meeting day, no one dresses up. you comb your hair (if you have any, trim your beard (ditto), make sure you got the good work jacket on (no one heats the town hall, no need– it gets hot enough in there anyway at Town Meeting day) and take that seriously marked up copy of the town report along, so you can follow along with the moderator.
    Viv, the idea of alcohol at a town meeting is like handing the matches to the arsonists, lol.

    I gave up Town Meetings years ago; no matter what anyone thinks, the teachers will never get that pay raise, they’ll wrangle for two hours over $50 a year more for the cops, but the new Fire House proposal will sail through like a knife through butter.

    Wow. They have food. Im impressed.

  2. That’s one of those meetings that could be better to miss, or deadly to miss. I’ve known an organization or two that will elect you president if you don’t show up.

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