10 Dreams Dreamed, 10 Dreams Deferred

The dream of the red wet rug.

The dream of the last breath happy.

The dream of the tested egg.

The dream of the cop’s bashed skull.

The dream of the goldfinch in the windshield.

The dream of the frantic calling.

The dream of the world’s other end.

The dream of sex.

The dream of the hillside stone.

The dream of virtuous pixel.

The dream of letting someone choose.

The dream of the step, the lift, the float.

The dream of the Mylar baby.

The dream of the astronaut’s nurse.

The dream of the words going backwards.

The dream of the throb imagined.

The dream of the blindman’s vision.

The dream of the light’s delight.

The dream of the unfolded morning.

The dream of the dream of the dream.

6 thoughts on “10 Dreams Dreamed, 10 Dreams Deferred

  1. I notice that there is no clue as to which were deferred–which pretty much leaves it up to us to think about, slowly and carefully. Reading this, Mr. L., I am in awe of the silence this creates inside my head, my heart. Not sure why, but im not complaining.
    There is nothing more evocative in this than the dream of the ‘unfolded morning”, or sadder than “last breath happy”. I’m glad I know you. Thank you for this.

    • Thanks, JT. nothing makes me happier than to hear I’ve “created silence” in a reader. There’s so little of it going around, these days.

  2. Ooooh, I like this premise. Here’s mine so far:
    The dream of the women giving me the finger
    The dream of the animal stuck on my head
    The dream in which I said “that’s a load of crap”
    And the one where I called your name out loud
    and it woke both of us up.

    • Thanks for stopping by, CR.
      I had a dream a couple nights ago in which I nudged My Beloved Sandra with my elbow to get her attention & actually nudged her with my elbow, waking us both up. A fine line, easily crossed, eh?

      • hard ro know sometimes which is the dream and which is the dreamer.
        the dream of going somewhere unexplored
        the dream of the book, the book, the book
        the dream of being in another life, the one with wings
        the dream of understanding but not forgiving
        the dream of thinness after fatness
        the dream of going back
        the dream of dark after light
        the dream of avoidance
        the dream of collapsing cars and bad roads

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