Six Word Saturday

The Hand’s Pointing Right At Me


I got word yesterday that right hand pointing has accepted at least one of the three pieces I submitted for their upcoming Issue 73–One Sentence Poems And Fiction–due out next month.  I’ll know which poem(s) got the nod this weekend when rhp sends the proofs.  I’m hoping for the trifecta, but I’m happy to have anything accepted. Poetry Editor Dale Wisely always puts some great things together. For now, all I can share are the titles I submitted: 1) As I Recall; 2) Like Cheops; and 3) Death Is Like The Floor.

If you’re not familiar with right hand pointing, you’re missing out.  Find them HERE.


I’m happy to point out Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE


11 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Congratulations, Ron!! 🙂
    When I first looked I was thinking “Spin the Hand,” a game similar to Spin the Bottle or if drinking, Spin the Bottle.
    I am happy for you and will wish for all three also. Write faster now, more can follow.

    • “Write faster!” 🙂 My and my ex-coworker’s inside joke. Our boss used to tell us that when we were writing the Mission Summaries for the day and/or the final Mission Report when I worked at NASA as an aerospace engineer in the Houston Manned Space Center’s Mission Control Center.

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