Six Word Saturday

She Leaves Me For The Ocean


My Beloved Sandra often leaves me for the ocean, several hours drive away.  She almost always invites me along.  I almost always decline her invitation.  She enjoys the salty air while I stay home to count the hay bales like a shepherd counts his sheep.  This morning I revised a poem about that very dynamic, and sent it out for consideration to Blacktop Passages, a fairly new (3rd issue pending) publication about all things road-trippy. 


At home or on the road, Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE rocks!


8 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Ohh.. I have been missing the ocean a bit lately. Am going to be in Florida for a few days in April and can’t wait! That publication looks interesting – I have a couple friends who might be interested in submitting. Thanks!
    Happy 6WS 🙂

  2. 🙂 Hi Ron ~~ Nice to see you. I hope you are still happy with those ‘hay bales’ instead of the pretty Maine coastline. We spent a few days in Eastern Maine a few years ago in October. All the light houses we saw were beautiful. We shut the lobster house down on Columbus day.

    One fourth of my blood line (Crams, Montville, and Fletchers, Searsmont) were from the area we explored. My sister has found the Fletcher (??) cemetery near Searsmont but we didn’t have good directions. Crams are still around, we visited one in Montville, but we didn’t find much evidence of Fletchers. They both moved to Herman, Nebraska, 35 miles north of Omaha, and were married there in the late 1800’s.

    Oh yes, we have the ‘Ocean’ about a hundred miles to our south, the Gulf Coast at Galveston on the Gulf of Mexico.

  3. Lovely photo! We live just a mile from the ocean but we hardly ever go! When we used to live on the beach, we were there just about every day. Hope you enjoy your day and good luck with your poem submission!

  4. I do the same, a few times each summer i get up before dawn and drive to the beach, forty miles east. Walk up and down until ive had enough, and the thongs and bronzed bodies begin appearing, then shuffle back to the car and come home. No one ever counts my haybales, but i dont mind. In return, I let the mister go hiking without me, and we are both happy.

    Good to see you revising and submitting, always a good sign. Good luck with it…

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