By the end of the month.  Closing.  Not relocating. Closing. 

Now I’ll be reduced to lunches at McWi-Fi or Wendy’s.  And where will I go on Saturday mornings?  When Megan and Chris took this place over several years ago, turning it from an otherwise bland and perfunctory mere bookstore into one of my favorite and most comfortable writing spots by adding a café with treats and coffee served up by the friendly (& fetching) Megan, I figured I had myself all set for a writing space that would last into my retirement.  I figured I’d be coming in once or twice a week forever, coming in most Saturdays to write about the (other) “geezers” who had become my favorite journal subjects, figured that  eventually some other writer would be coming in to write about me, the geezer s/he always sees tapping away at the keys in the bookstore’s café. 

No.  None of that.  Closing.  Moving.  Gone, by the end of the month.

5 thoughts on “B.U.M.M.E.R.

  1. well dayum. at least the bookstore will be there, still. I mourn with you, though; anytime a book related enterprise fades, something in all of us dies a bit. There will be other places, and other venues, but you will always have the memory of this one.
    Bright note: perhaps the other old geezers will join you, wherever you go, and there may even be new and interesting geezers to discover somewhere else.

    It does happen. It might.

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