Six Word Saturday


Steak and Shrimp With Earplugs, Please

It’s all my fault. I shared an intimate dinner with about a thousand other people last night.  I guess I must have been speaking too loudly, causing everyone else to shout at their table-mates in order to be heard.


Call Me Cate is listening over at SHOW MY FACE


9 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Oh, Ron, I hate that. There’s a restaurant in my undisclosed location that’s really well-known. The kind of place profiled on Food Network, written up in international magazines, etc. Amazing food. Amazing service. But we’ve stopped going there because I won’t pay that kind of money to spend the night shouting at my husband, returning home from dinner hoarse from yelling. It makes me sad and we’ve even tried requesting different seating areas and explained it was because of the noise. Can’t get no satisfaction – and no horseradish mashed potatoes either. 😦

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