Full Punxsutawney Moon

Because I’m experiencing some writer’s block and  because Monday was Groundhog Day, I thought I’d drag out this oldie for yet another look. I posted it several years ago here, and I’m thankful to Barbara Baskin who reblogged it for me back in 2011, adding some fine digital imagery at 3B Digital Art, which you can see HERE.


Full Punxsutawney Moon

Three days later, early, certainly
well before sunrise, after the graspers

and flashers have packed up and gone,
after the national news has had its say,

under a staring, starry, cut-glass sky
and a moon shivering its way toward

moonset, the groundhog steps warily out,
its snout in snow a foot or more deep.

Relieved, at last, of the press of local
press and the tyranny of network tourists

he lounges in the full moon’s light,
each icy whisker distinct, resplendent,

its shadow a mere matter of fact
on the otherwise unbroken snow.

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