Ron.’s Alleged Pet Peeve

I was dismayed this weekend, when I heard some doofus on an otherwise reputable TV news show report that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead “with an alleged syringe” still stuck in his arm. I wondered if the result would have been any more fatal if the syringe  had been confirmed to be, in fact, a syringe.

Last week, the local radio station  reported the arrest of two men who had “committed several alleged break-ins” in the area. I guess it was hard to tell if they actually broke in or if they simply entered without permission before stealing everything in sight.

I was hoping to take a few deep breaths and not be such a curmudgeon about this egregious misuse of language.  In an effort to get over my pique, I decided to just spend my Sunday watching the Superbowl.  I figured I’d just lose myself in the spectacle of it all.

But it turned out that the game played was only allegedly football.

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