Six Word Saturday

Could you
actually stop saying that?

What actually follows is an almost verbatim quote I actually heard just yesterday on the radio.  Because it was on the radio, I couldn’t actually rewind it & play it again to be sure I actually got it right, but I believe that I’ve at least captured the actual essence of what was actually uttered:

We actually don’t yet have any actual legislation yet, at this point,  but we’re actually hoping to have the actual data we need before the end of the session, at which point we can actually vote and have things in place long before the actual deadline arrives.”  

I guess that just about covers the reason for my actual dismay at the overuse of the word, eh?


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15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Hmm… Pity you couldn’t record it, Ron. How can the reader be sure this is actually factually accurate? 🙂

  2. ac·tu·al·ly[ ákchoo əlee ]
    in fact: used to emphasize that something really is so or really exists, e.g. when it may be hard to believe or when it contrasts with what has already been said
    expresses opinion: used to express an opinion, often a contradictory one, or to change the subject
    Synonyms: in fact · really · in point of fact · in reality · truly · essentially

    Hope this clears things up. Er. Actually not.

  3. This actually (!) a pet peeve of mine as well–followed closely by using the word “goes” instead of “said”. (“And then she goes . . . and then I go . . . ” ) Oh well . . .

  4. It’s ironic too, I almost posted about something that has been driving me crazy as well. But it’s so horrible, I couldn’t even put it down, for fear of hearing it again! After watching the Super Bowl commercials, (as if we really like watching commercials) but the ones they spend tons of money on are pretty good, it’s just the ones that feature the same (JAN) over and over on Toyota, for one example that drive me to switch the channel!

  5. Yuck! At least they didn’t misuse “literally” – misusing “literally” makes me want to yell at people. I’m not the best speaker but I appreciate proper word usage, especially by those making careers out of public speaking (like on the radio). This is why I keep my words in black and white and do my best to edit them. So I don’t make people want to actually literally kill me.

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