Six Word Saturday

Melting Snow Makes The Angels Cry


I’ve lived here long enough to know that a January thaw is no serious augury of an impending Spring, but for the sake of My Beloved Sandra–and all those others who will soon be writhing in the clutches of Cabin Fever–I can only pray for the merciful demise of all Angels Of Snow… and soon.


Y’know who’s cool? Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE. Check her out!


14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. oh you and I both, Ron. This is the commercial break in the middle of the movie, and I think we’ve learned to appreciate whatever form it takes. Some years its three hours of 50 degrees, some years its a week of melting snow and walking around in sweaters and hoodies. Ours is about to end, sadly.

    ah well, it was fun.

  2. We have a saying here in northern New England, which manages to cover everything from cradle to grave, and all the weather out there…no matter how good, how cold, how warm, how much you are enjoying or not enjoying ANYTHING, sooner or later someone will say, “Cahn’t last. Don’t get used to it.”

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