All Things Considered, A Good Year

I guess I can’t complain.
So far, I’ve had 19 poems accepted for publication in 2013.

(Just to keep things in perspective, I only had 8 pieces published in 2012, and for the 5 years prior to that I averaged only 4.)

1. All Thing Considered…Liberal Media Made Me Do it (anthology, early 2014)
2. Charlie *82 Review
3. Cold Snap…Front Porch Review (due out in Jan. 2014)
4. Company for DinnerBohemia
5. EscapeeWordland
6. Farsi Love Songlitbomb
7. FiretowerNorthern Cardinal Review
8. I Got Yer “Grumpy” Right Here, PalEkphrastia Gone Wild (anthology)
9. Hemlock, Sandalwood, SageNorthern Cardinal Review
10. Late Snow, By The NumbersThe Orange Room Review
11. Not Quite Mud-Luscious YetEvery Day Poets
12. Persistence Of VisionThe Rapid Eye
13. Song Of The CrystalNorthern Cardinal Review
14. Thought For The DayThe Comstock Review
15. TutorA Clean, Well-Lighted Place
16. Two Small Threes By FiveWorld Haiku Review
17. Watch And WaitUntitled, With Passengers
18. While You’re Away, A Meteor ShowerWordland
19. How To Know For Sureegg poetry
According to Duotrope, my current acceptance rate is 20.6%.  I have 6 more pieces floating around out there awaiting the editorial thumbs-up or thumbs-down. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Call Me Cate‘s keepin tabs on Saturday over at: SHOW MY FACE


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