My Mother Always Threatened Us

My mother always threatened us
with my father’s fists; when my mother
laughed, tears would come to his eyes and
he never hit her, or us, though he threatened to:
I believed him as well when he cried as when he
never hit her. My father always told us

She could always make him laugh like a punchline
in a blue housecoat on New Year’s Eve.

They lifted each other up:
like fine golden blossoms,
gone over waterfalls,
rise to the surface together
to catch and double sunshine.

3 thoughts on “My Mother Always Threatened Us

  1. It sometimes takes a long time to understand our parents, either or both, and see them as the dynamic they weretogether; fallibiility, frailty, strengths, and love. We grow up, we become a bit of what they were then and sometimes comprehend. Those last five lines could be a standalone, they are so right, so perfect.

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