I Am, In Fact, Homeward Bound

And–no offense intended to my traveling companion or my (several) hosts–I might add, instead:

I Am At Last Homeward Bound


Traveling? Stop by to see Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE.


12 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY

  1. got a couple of rough edges in there, but the idea of two (former) Famous Group singers singing together gives me the whammies. Its lovely. And all the more poignant because of it. Homeward bound, ain’t we all, one way or the other. Safe trip, Mr. Lavalette, wherever you go.

  2. I used to own a pair of pretty blue fuzzy sliippers that were so right, and so Me, that on difficult days or trips away from home I would begin to long for those slippers, as a mantra.
    After one particularly horrible craft show which went from Art in the Park to Hypothermia in the Park (Vermont is beautiful but on Columbus day gets its own back with the tourists) I realized that all I wanted to do was Go Home to my fuzzy blue slippers. When that feeling hits, jay walkers are fair game, squirrels had better cross another road,

    I hope your trip home was unfraught of anything, with straight lines and no red lights of any sort.

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