Tomorrow = Sloatnatalday

Since I’ll be busy later today and traveling home tomorrow, I’m feeling the need to send out my early birthday greetings to Ms Sarah J Sloat, a poetry goddess whose work I have admired and extolled since I first encountered it, one who has both awestruck and inspired me  since, and one who has seen fit to occasionally say something nice about my own work, which I take as a HUGE compliment.

Since I haven’t asked her permission, I will not post her work here, directly. But here’s a link to several of her many, many (ie volumes of) excellent poems, recently featured (some with video!) at the Avatar Review:

Riding Backwards on the Train

I’ll be headed home from Virginia to Vermont tomorrow on Amtrak, and I’m hoping I get to ride facing backward.  

Happy Birthday, Sarah.


Oh!  I almost forgot to mention!  Do yourself a big favor and add Sarah’s blog The Rain In My Purse to your “Favorites” list!

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