Okay, Okay, Okay (Thurs. 13, Holiday Edition)

Okay.  I know I can be a curmudgeon, especially about holidays and such.  I know I can be a little cantankerous.

But I try not to be mean-spirited; try always to be generous and compassionate about others’ feelings, as The Buddha suggests.

So let me just say this: I know I have much to be thankful for; know I have many people in my life for whom I should be (and am) thankful–including those I wish were not in my life, but who serve me well, providing examples  of lives I am grateful I do not lead.

I guess I could make a specific list.  There certainly would be at least thirteen  names.  But you all know who you are anyway, so why bother?

In addition to all the people I actually know, here are Sam and Dave, two more I’ve never met.


Even on Thanksgiving, there’s always THURSDAY THIRTEEN.


PS: Coincidentally, this just happens to be post #600 here at Scrambled, Not Fried.  One more thing to be grateful for: Readership.  Thanks!

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