Capturing The Flash

She has it set to flash every time she gets a text, and it flashes and flashes and flashes but she never picks it up to check it out, her friends at the bar being far more flashy and attractive, far more likely to be delivering the buzz she’s been hoping for all day long.  It’s Tuesday night at Positive Pie and the big screens are blazing the pre-game, there’s the smell of wings in the air, and all the smartphones are flashing away unheeded. Jake stays busy tapping out the Long Trail Dark, smiling, and mentally calculating his tips. Most of the Millennials bellied up to the bar are pretty animated, but not the old geezer with the beard, head down, pen in hand, looking for all the world like he’s totally oblivious.  In the morning, though, he’ll remember every detail they’ve already forgotten.

6 thoughts on “Capturing The Flash

  1. Poetry in prose. I think the economy of your writing is fantastic; not a single wasted word.

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