Happy [Early] New Year!

I know, I know; it’s only November, but it’s never to early to share good news, is it?

I’m very happy that one of my poems has been picked up and will be published in the January 2014 issue of Front Porch Review.  Don’t worry; like any good self-promoting poet I’ll remind you with a link when the issue’s up.  This will be my 2nd appearance in FPR.  My poem On A Wire appeared there in 2011.  FPR‘s a fine publication, and a pleasure doing business with: submission’s a breeze and their response time is quick (my experience has been less than 2 weeks).  Like most journals, they have to reject far more work than they publish, and they’ve rejected me often, but that’s the nature of things so I have no complaints. I’m happy that they’ve accepted me for January.

Here’s a link to On A Wire in the April 2011 Issue.

And here’s a link to their current issue’s home pageWell worth the read.

Front Porch flowerx

I’ll be back to tug on your sleeve about this again in a couple of months.

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