The Comstock Review…Finally

Today, finally, the mail delivery contained my long-awaited copy of The Comstock Review, containing my poem Thought For The Day, which has been down a long hard road to publication. Specifically: 21 months from submission to publication—the longest wait I’ve ever experienced. If I was the complaining type, I would; but I’m not. And I’d definitely be complaining if it were some lesser journal, but it’s the Comstock Review, and this latest release certainly lives up to its well-deserved stellar reputation.

This Comstock is a double issue (Volume 26, issues 1 & 2), necessitated to compensate for some significant delays due to internal problems, including the death of long-time editor Kate Murphy as well as some printing and shipping SNAFUs, all of which the current editors apologized for and kept us informed about.

I haven’t found a clunker in either issue yet. Issue #1 contains really fine work (including, if I may say so, my own) and concludes with a beautiful retrospective of Ms Murphy’s work. Issue #2 contains the winners, HMs, and Special Merit winners of the 2012 Muriel Craft Bailey Award (Judged by Dorianne Laux) and lots of additional well-crafted work.

You’d be doing yourself a favor, picking up a copy.

This is my second appearance in The Comstock Review. You can read them both here:

Thought For The Day (Current Issue)
Fallen Away (September 2004)

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