I’ve Been Watching Television Too Long

 Seventeen ancient TV sitcom intros. All one-season wonders.
Sadly, I remember most of them.


What never gets old? Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE.


11 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY

  1. Oh my. I remember Gidget and My Mother the Car and maybe one or two others, but the most, well, i am amazed they even got past the first show…these are hysterical.. Thank you, Ron. I will be hearing that manly and perky announcer voice for at least the next week.

  2. …and why not! There are far too many other bad things, or boring things…unless, hey you can do what my 6WS is all about. Check it out and report back with a post! Hehehehe! Or not!

  3. I love your 6WS… I often am amazed of how much is stored on my ‘hard drive’ as well… why would we remember those one-season wonders?
    But… it gave you reason to write these 6WS this weekend!

  4. what I do remember are some of the names and faces, like Clint Howard (Ron’s brother), Sally Field, and Paul Ford, in a kind of ‘where were they then’ mode…

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