Six Word Saturday

I Must Be King Of Insomniacs


I know we’ve all been there, but I’ve been there forever.


Don’t worry; you really shouldn’t lose any sleep over this.
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13 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. It must be annoying to suffer from insomnia though… I hate it when I can’t sleep. It happens I know but always… poor you!

    Really Viv, does that help? Wow I didn’t know that!

  2. Not sleeping sucks. Being King on the other hand means you control your own destiny. Learn to wield the power and you will learn what you need to sleep. Meditation works for me, it seems once my mind is empty it just shuts everything down! 🙂

  3. Not being able to sleep is the worst! I can fall asleep but can never stay asleep…

    To celebrate the publication of my memoir, Dangled Carat, I have several giveaways on my blogs – prizes include autographed copies of the book, a ring from Berricle jewelers and a $25 Victoria Secret gift card – I hope you can check it out…

  4. What keeps me awake at night is not having an email address to contact you directly. Now, you might not want me to contact you directly, and I can dig it. Lots of people wouldn’t want me emailing them: GW Bush for instance. Glenn Beck. The Koch brothers. So I friended you on Facebook in hopes that you would see I am sincere.

  5. well rats! ( no don’t eat them or count them) Supposedly potatoes make you sleepy, so perhaps you should have a bowl of mashed potatoes instead of ice cream for dessert?
    Seriously, when I cannot sleep I just turn on the light and read…..the Z monster then appears and I am fast asleep.

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