Paranoia Strikes Deep In The Heartland

I want to know how the people I see on my TV know which channel I’m tuned in to, no matter which channel I’m watching.  Yesterday, I settled in to watch the local evening news and the newscaster immediately informed me, “You’re watching the WCAX Evening News.”  How on earth did he know that; especially since I generally skip the local news on Sundays, having dutifully watched both Meet The Press and Face The Nation earlier in the day.

It kind of freaked me out, so I changed the channel and was just as immediately confronted with, “Thanks for tuning in to ESPN, the nation’s foremost sports authority…”  What the hell?!?

I’m pretty big on maintaining at least some vestige of my privacy, and I realize that with interactive / social media stuff like Facebook, etc. I’m likely to be giving some of that up, but how the TV knows what I’m watching is beyond me, and it worries me how they figure it out so damn quickly.

I spoke to one of my coworkers about this & she said it’s because of the little guy who lives inside my TV & keeps track of (and apparently reports on) what I’m watching.  

I’m probably going to get home tonight, take the damn thing apart & kick that little bastard out.


2 thoughts on “Paranoia Strikes Deep In The Heartland

  1. not only does he know what you’re watching, he also knows what you’re wearing–or not– and what you consume while watching–sorta like that little guy in the computer who keeps track of your surfing history…

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