Thursday Thirteen

13 True Statements

(Fair warning: I speak none of these languages–except English.  Faulty translations are to be blamed on Google Translate.)

1. Enunciados verdaderos are enunciados verdaderos.
2. Egia adierazpenak are always your best bet.
3. Veraj asertoj will never let you down.
4. You really can’t go wrong with a few tunay na salaysay .
5. All you should tell the cops is enunciats vertaders.
6. Satt yfirlysingum rock!
7. Never trust anyone who isn’t giving you sanna.
8. Istina izjave will out, in the end.
9. There’s nothing like verum constitutionibus.
10. Sande udsagn could keep you out of jail.
11. I try to confine myself to affermazioni vere.
12. We could all do with a couple of datganiadau gwir.
13. All tinuod nga mga pahayag are true statements.


One more truth: More fun lists at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. bwahahahaha

    “fill in the blanks” has never been more fun and yes, let’s hope they mean what you mean. Or vice viersa…
    I’ll have the #3 special with a side of #9, no salsa please.

  2. You are my Rosetta Stone. Touchstone. Lode stone. Lode star. Load-bearing beam. Beam of light. Light sabre. Buick Le Sabre.
    I read you because you make me think, laugh and feel.
    Today is the beginning of the Jewish new year 5774. Good health and joy to you, Sir.

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