Ron.’s Global Vocal…

Rick Lupert, curator of Poetry Super Highway and editor of the recently-released anthology Ekphrastia Gone Wild, hosts a monthly PSH podcast at BlogTalkRadio.

Rick’s planning a virtual publication party for the new anthology.

For September’s podcast, Rick has solicited audio files from contributors to the anthology, including my contribution, I Got Yer “Grumpy” Right Here, Pal which I have sent and am hoping will be included in the broadcast.

I’ll let you know if/when I receive word that it will be included, but there’s always the chance that it’ll just air without Rick letting me know in advance, so you might consider just tuning in to see. The worst that could happen is that you’d be exposed to lots of other really good poems, read by their authors. Not a bad  deal, I suppose, eh?

I’ll come back again to remind you a day or two in advance but, for now, here are the particulars:

Podcast Date: Sunday 9/15 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)
Where: BlogTalkRadio

Previous PSH Live podcasts can be heard HERE.

I’d be really Happy


if you gave it a listen

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