13 Seconds Of Pointless Regret

I’ve been running a little dry for the Thursday Thirteen lately & I’m feeling bad about it. It should be water under the bridge but, still, I’m really bummed. I’ve missed so many chances to entertain or enlighten, or at least amuse others. I’ve wasted my time and energy. I’ve spilled my milk and I feel really, really bad about it. Waaaaaaa…


Much higher quality stuff at:  THURSDAY THIRTEEN


7 thoughts on “THURSDAY THIRTEEN

  1. No use crying over spilled milk, right? I also missed three in a row this summer, and felt bad about it at first, but sometimes you need a break to recharge. Thanks for visiting!

  2. 🙂 Sometimes it helps to cry after spilling, right, Ron?

    Thank you for filling us in a bit on Viv. We all love her and are wishing and praying (me) for a speedy and good recovery.

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