I Will NOT Write About Heat


He opens the window, lets in as much January as he thinks he can handle.

A few stray flakes blow in off the outside sill despite the apparent midnight stillness.

He watches them melt on the desk top, imagines how the room would have filled up the night before, when the wind howled up the side of the hill and the snow fell so heavily he couldn’t see across the yard to the single bulb burning in the woodshed.

He opens the journal and starts to write about snowfall, imagining a whiteout stretching down the hill, across the state, encompassing every home everywhere, blotting out the moon until the moon—invisible—sets, then blotting out the sun for days or weeks on end.

He fills up page after page trying to overcome the mounting white, but each new page only adds to the accumulation and, no matter how much or how fast he writes, there is always just more white outside the window, inside the window, and on every page he turns.

He turns out the light, closes the window, closes the book and thinks about going to bed; closes his eyes, tries to imagine the end of white.


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4 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY

  1. Oh I loved this…and not only because the cold was so welcome in light of the heatwave we are not going to talk about (tho it was, THANK YOU!)…but because it captured the way a writer tries not necessarily to create reality, but sometimes to control it…with varying results 🙂

  2. yep, me too. i love the images. If you run short I have about nine bazillion Peter and the Wolf type photos with chest high snow and laden branches…think Ill go climb into one right now. Thank you for reminding me

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