A Waiting Game

One Year, One Week, And A Day


I recently received one of the fastest rejections of a poetry submission ever: four days. I’ve only received one speedier than that: two days. Both of them came from the same journal, which I will leave nameless because, frankly, every writer knows that rejection is an inevitable part of the game and I appreciate the quick turnaround. It’s not like I sent them such weighty work that they’d need to ponder it forever before making a decision.

On The Other Hand:

I submitted a single poem to a (different, print) journal in January 2012 and dutifully awaited their response. I’d had a piece published there several years earlier, and everything went very smoothly. I knew it might take a little longer than expected this time, though, because they’d had some organizational problems, including the fact that their editor had suffered a stroke.

At any rate here’s the time line, so far:
Submitted: 19 January 2012
Accepted: 16 June 2012
Today’s Date: 24 June 2013


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining too strongly. The venue is reputable and a good credit; I’m happy that they chose my work. But I’m glad that the piece they chose isn’t one that I felt needed to be seen immediately.

I’ve sent them periodic query emails & the last I heard was that the issue should be in my hands sometime in late July.  We’ll see.

Because, after all, waiting six months for an acceptance is tough enough, but waiting one year, one week, and one day for publication is something else altogether…and the clock’s still tick-tick-ticking

I’ll keep you posted.

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