I Have Driven To The Moon

Tonight will be the night of the “Supermoon”, the moon’s annual closest pass (perigee) to Earth—221,300 miles.


Mileage on my 2001 Ford Ranger pickup: 230,870.
(Picture this, but unwashed & not so well-maintained):ranger

It’s been giving me a few problems lately but, all things considered, it’s been a good little spaceship.


6 thoughts on “I Have Driven To The Moon

    • I hear you, Gita. Amazing but true. We bought the thing for the GREAT sale pricetag only. Every thime I climb behind the wheeel I can hear the old man, graveturning. A tree fell on it when it was only two weeks old (insurance paid all body work) and it’s plagued me with nickel/dimey crapola over the years but, astoundingly, the body & frame are in remarkable shape. Tranny ain’t sounding so good these days, though.

  1. i remember when you got that truck, and the Tree Falling On It remains in my dwindling memory banks as a “dont let this happen to you” incident. Some vehicles have an affinity to that famous chicken the red spot; everything that can happen, probably will–other cars aim at it in parking lots, children with screw drivers use it as a practice pad, it’s worth its weight in mufflers. But for all that, to last for 200K miles on the roads we drive on is still pretty remarkable.

  2. Yes, Captain Ron, it has been a trusty vehicle for you. But now you need a space ship for the return trip. I’m sure the parting will be bittersweet.

  3. So, looks like–according to the math–you’re now on your way back.

    My girls and I went outside last night to look at the moon–mistakenly thinking the closest day for yesterday–and it was very bright and very beautiful. We’ll be pulling out our huge binoculars tonight for the real event.

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