Ron.’s New Normal

Starting Today:


Yeah, that’s right.  “Open Work Space.”  But picture two drones per “workspace.” Picture seven “workspaces” for the drones and four for the SDs (“Supervisory Drones”).  All together, in one big open area, with four or five additional “workspaces” for adjunct & auxilliary drones.  Picture each drone on the phone.

Really conducive to confidential mental health services work, wouldn’t you say?

7 thoughts on “Ron.’s New Normal

  1. I used to work as a Sales Correspondent in an open office – we didn’t have the little walls, which must be claustrophobic, but 200 people with phones and (antique) typewriters and duplicating machines and, and, and… made one hell of a racket. I wonder if that’s why I’m deaf now.
    There used to be a very severe Office Manager on a dais at the back of the rows of desks who would spot you if you turned round for a chat, and come strolling ponderously down to give you a wigging. Those were the days (more than 50 years ago).

  2. thinking also, this subtly demeans and diminishes not only the people who come to you for help, (sort of treating them like non-people) but diminishes the value of what you and your co-workers are trying to do for them. The padded “walls” are a nice touch. Someone with humor, no doubt, was involved in that choice.

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  4. Geez, I don’t understand the corporate mind. I sometimes dream we are actually little Legos and the kid designing the space gets bored and just re-arranges for kicks, but I doubt the powers that be in the corporate world are as clever as a six year old.

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