No More Mose?

Not that I get out that much anymore myself, but I was sad to read Greg Roensch’s Red Room Blog saying that the official Mose Allison website has announced that the great man has decided (after 65 years on the road) to give up live tours. I checked it out myself and, sadly, it’s true.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mose, here’s a little background, directly from his website:

Mose Allison, pianist/singer/composer, has been a major influence on musicians of the last 50 years and has spent a good deal of his life touring and playing in jazz rooms all over the world. His songs have been recorded by many, among them, The Who, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, The Clash and Diana Krall. His singular style, a unique blending of jazz and blues, and his profound lyrical wit, mark him as a true American original.”

I suppose after 65 years on the road, I’d want to give up that part of it, too. Even though you won’t be able to see him anymore, you should do yourself a favor & listen to some of his music. I only saw him once, sometimes in the ’80s, but it was one of the most memorable shows I ever attended. The man’s a musical genius.

Here’s one of my favorites, by the man himself: Your Molecular Structure:


And here’s Bonnie Raitt’s delicious version of Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy


One thought on “No More Mose?

  1. One hates to digress when the blog is about Mose… but Bonnie has no peer. No one. She is the ONE.
    First saw her around 1974, might have been with Little Feat or maybe they just opened for her. Atlanta, small-ish clubs over the years. One time sharing the concert stage with Lyle Lovett.. and sweet Jeezus the woman is fine.

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