(new pet peeve, not yet numbered)

Okay, So Don’t Say “Okay, So…”

This is a rapid-riser on my pet peeve list. I’m hearing it more and more frequently. I think I first heard it on a National Public Radio interview (!), but have been hearing it more and more frequently in lots of other places. A few examples (I made these up, but they’re typical):

Q: When did you discover the burglary?
A: Okay, so I was out jogging, and when I got home I found the door unlocked and…

Q: Does your magazine have many subscribers?
A: Okay, so we only sold 50 copies of our first issue, but…

Q: What do you think about the new tax rate?
A: Okay, so I was initially ambivalent, but now I’m furious because…

I suppose it’s the responder’s shorthand for saying “I have heard and understand your question, and here comes my answer” but, really, I find it superfluous and  annoying.



Call Me Cate wastes no words at: SHOW MY FACE



15 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY

  1. Grumpy guts! I’m deaf, so my reply is usually something like “Sorry, could you repeat that.”
    or “Um” while my brain clicks into gear. I prefer to keep OK to meaning “yes”

  2. Okay, so then she goes, :”REALLY???” and i go, “Like, well, you KNOW what that meant.” and we both like, you know, LOL a lot, and then she goes, “Hey I gotta run, it’s been so fun”…an’ I go, “see ya”. The world is becoming, like, you know, one big verbal pet peeve.

    Move over darlings, there’s room on the grumpy bench for all of us.

  3. Once we hear an annoying phrase, it does seem like its everywhere!
    Hope your week-end is quiet and peaceful.
    Lea’s Menagerie

  4. Okay, Ron. Let’s think about this ‘okay bit,’ okay?
    Okay, having thought, it might be okay to say a few ‘okays,’ okay?

  5. Okay. I think they are saying, “Yes, I have heard your point. Now here is what I have to say: … :
    In this age of of the young texting and doing it fast, every word not used means a big saving. I think we should be using “Ok” instead. I used to do it that way but Spell Checker never did catch on.

  6. *still laughing at JUDYT54*
    I can be eloquent and smart sounding in print, but full of verbal tics out loud. Maybe those people who annoy us with their innumerable “likes” and “well, uhs” are secret poets? No? I’m being too charitable?

  7. Ooooh! I love this stuff: I’m kind of a linguistics geek. The examples you posted all involve the beginning of a narrative. In my opinion, “OK, so…” means something like, “I’m going to tell you a narrative. I’m sorting out my thoughts. And away we go.” I’m not sure, but I suspect that I do this… I might. I have some other odd linguistic quirks of my own.

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