Recalling Billie Jo

I was remiss, day before yesterday, having failed to mark the day.  The 3rd of June.  You know what happened. And you know why. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s your reminder:


4 thoughts on “Recalling Billie Jo

  1. stewie, click on the image it will take you to a place that will explain it

    ron., I think everyone involved will forgive you, this once…

    • its never been one of my favorites, and when it rolls by on the oldies station i usually just tune it out; but this time the lyrics were scrolling by, and I read them and thought about them, and realized how beautifully paced and structured that song actually is. If you didn’t know the ending you might not be able to guess, or realize the girl’s involvement until her mother says ‘child you haven’t touched a thing’ and then you think, ‘oh oh’…

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