I Could Really Use A Joint

I’m sure I’ve said this many other times in my life, but these days it’s taken on another whole meaning. These days, I could use a few: a shoulder, a couple of knees, an elbow… you name it.



All Call Me Cate wants is for you to visit her at SHOW MY FACE.


17 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY

  1. Aaaw hell I know what you mean- for me these days it would be great to have a new right hip and left knee!! Happy SWS and I love your humour!
    Pop into my etsy shop and get yourself a great piece of art today- special prices for all my bloggy pals.

  2. gettin elderly aint no fun
    im looking at the knee, the hip, the surprises
    in the future, im in no hurry but aint it grand
    to know the possibility exists to ease them–
    its the war wounds and football injuries of our
    youth catching up with us now, the ones they never
    warned us about

    love the image btw

  3. Ouch! I could, too—or at least I could use a new toe. I somehow jammed my foot into a door a couple of weeks ago, and my poor toe is still killing me.

    I hope your Saturday is a good one.

  4. My knees are giving me trouble…and also my hips. I think it is just part of getting older…but it sure isn’t any fun!

    Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Ron, I have two artificial hips, two artificial knees, and have two ankle surgeries to prepare for two artificial ankles. It is far from over. I literally feel your pain; I really do. I hope you have great doctors. I highly recommend Mayo Clinic.

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