May I Say No May Eye

Publication of the inaugural issue of The Rapid Eye (“A Literary and Arts Dream Journal“), slated to occur by the end of May, has been pushed back to mid-June, according to the editor.

My poem Persistence Of Vision has been selected for inclusion, and–if Four April Scenes, a dream poem by William Doreski is any indicator–it will be in very good company.

If you’d like to read a more complete list of contributors, or a more complete update on the status of Issue 1, you can do so HERE.

I’ll keep you posted.



PS: As an afterthought, and even though I posted it on Sunday, I’m calling this my SIX WORD SATURDAY because I had no internet connection yesterday.  I’m sure that Call Me Cate from SHOW MY FACE won’t mind.


4 thoughts on “May I Say No May Eye

  1. I enjoy it more if you post the actual poem here, or repost it. Since I am a new follower of your blog, I have missed a lot of your work. (That doesn’t make me a bad person, of course. I deserve to see the poem in question.)
    I will link to it from my blog, as well.

    • Once the issue’s up, G, I’ll definitely post a link here. I ususally give the journal a while to have the piece to themselves, then I put it up at EGGS OVER TOKYO, where most of my published work can be found.

      Don’t worry, I’m pretty good about tooting my own horn. I’ll make it easy enough to find me.

  2. Nice to stop by at ur blog and learn that your work indeed has been published.congratulations for that. I’m still tryingto get my dozens of poems published…Vermont indeed is a gorgeous place…sigh u can’t throw stones across the border;)

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