Now Hear This…TRIFECTA!!

I can’t say enough good things about the folks at A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, and how they handled my poem, “Tutor.”

They make submissions a breeze through the online submissions manager (Submishmash/Submittable). They acknowledge submissions immediately and respond promptly, as promised, and do so personally. (Fortunately I earned an acceptance).

Then there’s the ACWLP Trifecta:

1)    They publish my poem online, shortly after acceptance, on its own uncluttered page upon which readers may comment. You can read it  HERE

2)   They include my poem in their print compilation, Volume IV, where it finds itself in very good company. I’m a proud owner of both Vol III and Vol IV. It’s all good stuff. You should definitely buy a copy to help support the literary arts.

3)    AND they generously invite me—and all of their contributors—to submit an audio recording of their work. Despite some trepidation, I have done so. A link is posted today, and you can now hear me read “Tutor” HERE.

Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you all this. Maybe I should just keep a good thing to myself. A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is a good thing.

Vol IV Cover

Vol IV Cover

4 thoughts on “Now Hear This…TRIFECTA!!

  1. yep, thats you. I love that poem–and its a treat to actually hear the voice that goes with the words. Nice, ron. really nice

    I am also green with envy. With just a touch of robin’s egg blue mixed in.

  2. omigod, I just heard Ron Lavalette’s own voice reading his poem. This is seriously the best moment of my whole week. I want to write to everyone on 6S (but not use the words delightful, heartwarming, intelligent, strange-yet-expected, want-to-have-coffee-with-him and must-see.)

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