Art Credit: Lizzy Forrester

Art Credit: Lizzy Forrester

Originally published 13 years ago in the (now defunct) New Works Review, revived here in response to this week’s prompt, “Flow“, at One Single Impression.


The river sings of its rocks, mirrors
emerald and jade where summer
shadows attempt to outrun
sundown. I intrude, I presume.

I stand near the middle. The second cut
of hay is on the banks, neatly ordered
in rows this time of year, golden,
measuring the march-step toward August.

I think about changes: the movement
of sand through narrow places, how
a ripple diminishes downstream,
how a sound sounds when it stops.

9 thoughts on “CROSSING (for OSI)

  1. I really enjoyed those words Ron.I love water,streams,rivers.I like to watch the movement and to just wonder and dream,think Im turning into a bit of a dreamer 🙂

  2. A thinking person’s setting and thoughts for a long moment. I could identify with the second cutting of hay but the sound of sound stopping had me think a bunch.

    Thank you for peeking in on my OSI. Again, here, I am sorry to be so very late in returning.

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