We Have New Art To Hang


A couple weeks ago, we received delivery of the 40 x 50 centerpiece (Temptation–Nectarine, hand painted by an Art.Com Staff Artist), and last night the two  24 x 36 triptychs (Sugar Bay on the left, Ten City on the right, both by Erin Ashley) arrived.  I already loved my living room–especially the toffee-colored accent wall–but I’ll be loving it even more now.  My Beloved Sandra and I enjoyed the search for just the right smaller paintings and (amazingly, given our divergent tastes) were lucky to find something we could agree on without too much bloodshed.


It’s Saturday. Lots of other treats from Call Me Cate over at: SHOW MY FACE.




15 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY

  1. Sometimes we get it right, and there’s that incredible sense of ‘of course’ that happens when we do. I love the color of the wall, too. It seems to allow for almost anything you might want to put there, and these three pieces are perfect.

  2. My beloved Mike and I went to a gallery and, as always happens, separated to view the pieces at our own leisure. Later we reunited and each said we’d found something we liked. It so happened that the 6-foot square painting in jewel-toned acrylic of the side of a house at night with interior light shining through blinds to illuminate the chair outside was our mutual pick. It was so unusual a canvas that it had gripped both of us in a peculiar sort of euphoria. Come over for dinner some time. It hangs in our dining room.

    • Ha! This same thing happened to Sandra and me at an outdoor arts festival a couple years ago. We’d wandered separately over a couple acres of tents, etc only to end up dragging each other back to the same piece, which currently hangs over our bed. Amazing, as we usually have such radically different sensibilities.

    • Gita Ron., that has to be one of the purest joys out there, that serendipity moment when you both choose the same thing. it’s like a mind-meld, isnt it. We were looking for a particular person to deal with a particular job we had, and both of us selected the same man, independently, for the same reasons.

  3. We have absolutely NO art in this house,well only the craft things that my youngest very occasionally does,so I love looking at what other people have put up in their homes.I honestly like all the pieces,the colours are so vibrant and I have spent quite a long time gazing at them.Perhaps one day I may have some creative piece in my home,it wont be until I can afford to get the basics though 🙂 Nice to have dreams though…

  4. Hi Ron, I could get lost figuring these out. They have nice colors too.

    I am very late in returning your 6WS comment. Thank you.

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