Grumpy, Anthologized!

I just got word from Rick Lupert of  Ain’t Got No Press / Poetry Superhighway that my poem I Got Yer “Grumpy” Right Here, Pal will be anthologized later this year.  The Anthology will be called Ekphrastia Gone Wild and will feature poems based on other works of art.  “Grumpy” was originally published back in December of 2010 at AND/OR, and I’m delighted that it’s been selected for the anthology.



I’ll definitely keep you updated as to when / where you can find it once it’s published!

5 thoughts on “Grumpy, Anthologized!

  1. I love your poems and am going to find it right now. You should never be surprised when your work is picked up and anthologized. You’ve got the chops.

  2. Damn. Bullshit. I can’t find it. I scrolled through all your blog posts all the way down to Miss Etta in October 2012. Please send me a link or the poem, please please?

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