yokelSome Things Just Need More Explaining

A complete stranger sees me through the coffee shop’s window, enters, trudges over to my table and speaks, fairly loudly, even before I can acknowledge his intrusive, uninvited presence.

What’s up with you guys that can’t go anywhere without your little computer open in front of you, clicking away on them keys and not talking to each other?”

It’s what I do,” I say without looking up for more than a second. “It’s how I keep my vocabulary from becoming oafish and moribund.

His slackened jaw becomes even more pronouncedly slackened. “Huh?”

Thanks for stopping by,” I tell him. “Have a sparkling day.”


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19 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY

  1. I am liking that response, oafish and moribund….I have to admit I might not have come back with such an awesome reply, at that moment. I have wondered, why, and what is troubling a person so deeply that they feel the need to approach others like that? You just know they’d demand an answer from a traffic light as well, if they thought they’d get an answer. Of course, a traffic light wouldn’t even give them the time of day! Thumbs up to you.

  2. i agree with Viv, and also wonder why, in a public setting, you sitting alone would cause such a response about ‘not talking to each other”. As if we all ordinarily had sing alongs and spirited conversations with complete strangers when we went out to dine alone…

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