Thursday Thirteen

13 Just Desserts

I had a dream last night in which everyone got, well, something appropriate:

1) The Thieves were given far more than they could tolerate..
2) The Oppressors were allowed to choose their own torture.
3) The Greedy were buried in goods and money.
4) The Warmongers Napalmed their own children.
5) The Boastful had their I gouged out, their tongue removed.
6) The Haters were loved to death.
7) The Gluttons, force-fed, burst.
8) The Slanderers were compelled to falsely confess.
9) The Liars were slandered and burned.
10) The Intolerant became servants to the freaks.
11) The Vain were exiled to an endless Hall Of Mirrors.
12) The Racists were struck blind in a foreign and hostile land.
13) The Merciless were forgiven for living and summarily executed.

I didn’t feel that much better when I woke up, but I resolved to try to have a better day.


You know where to go: THURSDAY THIRTEEN


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